Adventure Parks challenge Reach san benito parks foundation

Leave no trace.. only footprints

Welcome to San Benito County Adventure Parks Challenge. The Aventure Parks Challenge is a FREE game that is hosted by the San Benito Parks Foundation to help you and your friends and family get outside and engage in healthy activities in our lovely 35,000+ acre park system. 

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The 2018 R.E.A.C.H. Adventure Parks Challenge just got EASY!

“What’s not to like about this Parks Challenge?” we said.

“Let’s get rid of the login, teams and flags!” we said, “People just register online BY SIGNING UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER!”

What’s left is a pure Parks Challenge to get out in the fresh air on a walk, on a bike, on a horse, in a park, on a trail, and enjoy yourself!

The catch is you are now part of a fun-loving group of people who want to see where you went!

So take a picture with you in it, adventuring in ANY OF THE  parks & trails in San Benito County.

Post it on the REACH San Benito Parks Foundation, Facebook page and add a little description!

You are now eligible for prizes to be given out at a fun, end of summer group picnic on Sunday, September 30, 2018!

View prizes on the website!  We look forward to seeing you at the picnic! Watch for postings on location and time.

Leave No Trace, Only Footprints