As the summer progresses, there are lots of possibilities for outdoor activities in the county. Facebook page, REACH San Benito Parks Foundation, posts stray events where most seem close enough, fun and a little adventurous to enjoy without great effort. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head, sometimes we come out with a sore thumb.
The last adventure at the State Recreation Vehicle Area, Madrone Camp, Azalea Canyon, was awesome but quite more vigorous than anticipated. But then, one turns around, happy to have made it so far until another opportunity comes along. About 2/3’s of us made the whole loop, seeing lots of wildflowers along the canyon walls and around the creek below. We saw wild Iris, Azaleas, Mariposa Lilies, ferns, Madrone, and more.
Current news on the county parks side is that the River Prkwy, SBHS by-pass road is done, and the area to be the SBC Regional Park is open for adventuring, walking and bicycling. We’ll soon hear from a city/county committee working on a Sports Complex in one section. Before it’s developed, go see it! Park at the corner of Nash Road and River Prkwy in Hollister to walk down into the raw open space leading to the San Benito River bed. This is a super adventure to take with the whole family. You’ll easily find the wide, well-worn paths, and see the way down to the river. My favorite time is evening, when you can see the fog rolling over Fremont Peak, but turn around to see the sun reflecting off Santa Ana Peak. You’ll want your camera!
R.E.A.C.H. San Benito Parks Foundation
Valerie Egland